Working as a team with a common goal, which combines fun and education. A unique opportunity to learn about the nature around us and understand the mechanisms of aggregation.

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Environmental education (for schools and scouts) is organized for the purpose of teaching the structure and organization of the natural environment and, in particular, to educate human beings to manage their own behavior in relation to ecosystems in order to live sustainable, ie without altering the natural balance of all: "The more we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe around us, we should not find taste in destroying it."

We propose to discover our region by offering the package MARI E MONTI to plunge into the unexplored discovery of places both inside the Pollino National Park and along the coast of the upper Tirreno Cosentino. In any case, we are at your disposal in order to create a custom package to suit your needs.


To engage in this adventure, you just know how to swim and be willing to collaborate with your team, in order to address security in a thrilling descent, adrenaline and engaging. We believe that the emotions and experience of the group that are born in a rafting descent, are great teachers and they leave indelible memories that can be transferred within the company.

We also believe that the rafting experience as Team Building is the most effective way to strengthen team spirit, cohesion and cooperation necessary to achieve the best performance in the corporate staff.

Among the goals the team building can achieve it is certainly the construction and strengthening of interpersonal relations and the increase of cooperation, trust and cohesion of the group, in a context such as that of the river, you will be able to implement many business metaphors:

Coordination - paddling together to facilitate the group;
Leadership - identify the leaders who will lead the team;
Trust - to rely on guides to address the rapids "foamy";
Union - in knowing how to take decisions, in an unaccustomed, that of the river.

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