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"Imagine the sea, a coast that sparkles in the sun, warm sand, the contours of the mountains... Imagine being able to blend the water, earth and air , and to be able to overcome them..."

The Centre "LAO ACTION RAFT" will show you how bringing in wild places, giving emotions, behind the sea front and emerald green eyes reflected in the waterways of the Pollino National Park.

The Rafting Generally known as "extreme sport", is actually a fun and affordable for everyone. It is the most safe and pleasant to deal with the sparkling river LAO through its narrow valley between canyons and magical countryside of rare beauty. Games and water fights with other crews, swimming in the rapids, a set of enthusiasm and energy, fun and fellowship for an unforgettable experience.

Accompanied by expert guides and provided with technical equipment will be protagonists in this unique excursion. Not need specific experience. Our guides, certified by: Italian Rafting Federation and International Rafting Federation, before boarding will provide all the necessary safety instructions and will be your companions throughout the adventure.

To meet the diverse needs, we have developed a number of paths that can stimulate the emotions of anyone: from the slopes in calmer waters, suitable for people of all ages and families with children, more difficult routes, for those not in the first experience and want to be more daring.


  • Gole Alte del Lao (Laino borgo-Campicello) 16 km. Duration in water river 3 h e 30 min
  • Gole Medie del Lao (Campicello-Papasidero) 12 km. Duration in water river 2 h e 30 min
  • Base Lao (Papasidero-Orsomarso) 8 km. Duration in water river 1 h e 30 min

Cosa What to bring

  • Shoes can get wet
  • Swimsuit
  • Thermal Shirt (worn under the suit in case of bad weather)
  • Strap for eyeglasses, if you can not do without their (soft contact lenses? Ok!)
  • Parts dry

Rest to us, we will be provided with all the equipment necessary and appropriate to address the descent in safety, helmet, wetsuit, water jacket, life jacket, paddle.

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